Okay folks, Here is the full downlow on the "B" themed shower! Enjoy the pics, let me know what you think!
The menu for the night consisted of: Beer, Burger sliders, Boiled shrimp, Bar-b-q shrimp, Berry salad, Buffalo wings, Broccoli Salad, Baked potato bites, Banana pudding, cake and wine. Yummo!
           Need a way to save money on a shower? Do tissue pom pom centerpieces instead of fresh flowers, they are adorable and cheap!! 
Print Shop to the Rescue!! All the "B' words were designed from Print shop and the "B is For" on the mantle were all bought from Hobby Lobby and painted by yours truly!  
"B" is for Books!
To go with the book theme we put a personalized book with Dyer's name on the cover for people to write a welcome message. It turned out to be such a sweet book! 
Alexis Hurdle did the adorable and yummy cake! 
 Labels were designed and printed from the Print Shop program and the bottles are from socialcouture.com. I filled them with an orange candy from the Dollar Store and then cut a slit in the bottle nipple for the cards to stand up in. 
 Party favors... B is for Bubblegum! Everyone got to take a scoop of bubblegum home in a cute monogrammed baggy. 
All the host and hostesses!! We had so much help and could not of pulled this awesome shower off without all of them. Thanks for all your help!
 Jenessa, I love you! You and Mark are going to be such amazing parents and I can't wait to see you fall in love with Baby Dyer. 
If you all have any questions on how to do something that you see or need more info.. leave a comment!

Chelsea thank you so much for the doing the amazing pictures!