I have a few good friends who are having their first baby here in a couple months. Talking to them brings up so many memories of having Sawyer almost a year ago and I can't help but be that girl who tries to give tips and advice. I was texting with one my dear friends, Elizabeth Mason and she asked me what she should pack for the hospital when she delivers her new baby girl Reese. So, this post is dedicated to that very important question!

Here is my advice (Take or Leave it!):

  • First things first... CUTE PJ's! The ideal pajamas to take to the hospital (in my opinion) would be a two piece set with a button down top (easy for nursing!) For example....

  • Nursing bra (if you decide to breastfeed): I actually wore these tank tops from Target that have a built in bra and have easy snap down straps. I just wore it under my pjs in the hospital and ended up wearing it ALL the time under all my clothes once I was home. I HIGHLY recommend these!

  • Pair of slippers
  • Makeup, toiletries, hair dryer
  • Nursing pads
  • Boppy or whatever nursing pillow you get.- 
  • This is really embarrassing but I promise they are SOOO nice after you have a baby... Depends (disposable underwear). I know gross! Send your husband to go get them! 
  • Going home outfit... You'll want to wear something loose fitting and comfy. I didn't even want to wear   maternity jeans after having an 8 pound baby and an episiotomy! You'll want to look somewhat descent if you want to take going home pics. 
  • Camera with plenty of disc space and video camera
  • Computer and phone
  • List of who needs to be contacted about the baby's arrival
  • Ipod and Ipod player
  • Baby book for your visitors to sign that come to the hospital and also for keeping up with the memorabilia.
  • Take your own pillow! I don't even want to think what's on those hospital pillows.... UGH! Tell your husband to pack his own too.  Burp cloths
  • Teeny tiny baby outfits for the hospital and for going home (I packed a couple of extra premie outfits from Walmart just in case the baby was small.)
  • Baby socks or booties
  •  Baby blanket for going home
  • Don't forget your infant seat for the car!
  • Something extra... If you want to be stylish during delivery, invest in a cute hospital gown like this one! I got one as a gift at a shower and actually LOVED it! I actually wore it the day after the delivery. It was cute but still easy to nurse in and function in at the hospital.
Don't worry about overpacking! I think this is one of the times in your life when its better to be comfy and have everything you need then to worry about how big your bag is. 
If any other mamas out there have some other good things to add to this list.. leave a comment! I am sure others of you have some good ideas. Good luck to all you soon to be MOMMYS!!