After Christmas and before Spring can be a tricky time to figure out what to put out on your tables. At least for me it is! I put Christmas away but it's not spring so I can't bring out my bright florals yet. So every year I am stuck thinking what should I put on my tables this month?! I am not one for cheesy decorations for every holiday. BUT... I totally gave in and did something fun for Valentine's day. I really tried to achieve something fun but hopefully in your opinions not cheesy! I am sick of these two months with a bare table!

The heart grapevine wreath is from Hobby lobby and was only 8$! You could do so many fun things with this cute wreath! It would be so fun to put a cute picture in the middle of your special valentine or even get a few of them for your mantle, place pictures of each of your kiddos and line them up all in a row. Valentine's day doesn't  mean everything has to be red and pink!