Since it is my Birthday today I thought I would post one of my favorite meals. This is one of those Paula Deanish meals because the ingredients contain a lot of cream and butter, but oohhhh its so yummy! It is one of Andrew and I's special occasion meals because we both love it so much.

Dill Chicken
-4 (6 oz) boneless skinless chicken breast
- 8 oz herb garlic soft cheese
- 3 eggs
- 1/4 cup milk
- flour
- 2 Cups dry bread crumbs
- oil
- lightly flatten the thickest part of the chicken to 1/2 of its original size
- quarter cheese spread evenly over chicken and then fold the chicken breast in half and keep it in place with a toothpick. Put in fridge for 1 hour
- beat eggs and milk together in a bowl
- roll chicken breasts in the flour and then dip it in the egg and milk mixture then roll in bread crumbs.
- heat oil in a skillet and brown the chicken on all sides
- move to a baking sheet and cook at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes.
Dill Sauce:
- 2 TB minced onions
- 1 1/2 cup dry white wine
-1 1/2 TB fresh lemon juice
-3/4 Cup whipping cream
- 2 TB dill weed
- 1 ts salt
- 11/2 ts hot pepper sauce
- 1 cup unsalted butter cut into pieces
- mix onion, wine, lemon juice in saucepan, simmer on low heat to 2 TB
- add cream and reduce to 1/2 cup
- stir in dill weed, salt and hot pepper sauce
- just before serving heat and whisk in the cup of butter, DO NOT BOIL
Once the sauce and chicken are complete you serve the sauce over the chicken and serve with sides of your choice. It is a rich recipe so something like plain rice or baked squash would be yummy with this meal.  Hope ya'll enjoy! I promise if you decide to make this you will not be disappointed!

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