Hey blogger friends! Well here in Fayetteville I am staring out my window at about 15 inches of snow on my deck! Seriously?!!! Weather in Arkansas never seizes to amaze me.

This picture was taken before about 4 more inches fell. Andrew and I both agreed that we have never seen so much snow in our lives. 

Before the snow storm hit yesterday, my friend Mindy and I decided to hit up some flea markets and a fun store in Springdale called "OOPS". I found many things that I will be using for an upcoming bridal luncheon that I am throwing and for Sawyer's birthday party. I am so excited about my fun finds!

I was in the search for some "Anthropologie" type vases and this is what I found!
All of these vases were a total of 30$! Spending less than if i bought one vase at Anthropologie. 
 I am not sure what I am going to use these for yet but I got a few of them. These basket woven cake stands were only 8$ and I think they are absolutely adorable! 
That's all for now. I found many more fun finds that you will have to wait and see! I Want to save the special details for the bride and the birthday boy. Can't wait for it all to come together though! Hope you all have a restful Sunday night.