If you are curious how to make the tissue flowers and tissue pom poms that were made for the "B" Shower  then KEEP READING! These are super easy and super cheap! If you know you have a lot of expenses with your upcoming party then this is a great way to save money by replacing some of your fresh flower arrangements with these adorable paper flower pom poms.

Here is what you need:

- scissors
- package of tissue paper (any color of your choice! You can even use two alternating colors!) You'll need about 10-12 pieces.
- floral ties, ribbon, or any kind of wire for tying
- ribbon of your choice if you choose to hang your pom poms.

What to do:

Flatten out your 10-12 pieces of tissue paper.
Start folding your tissue paper from the side with the shortest width and fold it in 1/2" to 1" inch accordion folds
Tie the floral wire or whatever type of wire you have in the center. Cut excess wire or ribbon.
Then you will cut the ends of the tissue in either a triangle shape or a round shape.
After you cut, spread out both sides of tissue.
 Start separating layers one at a time to the center of the tissue.

For the flower look:
Just pull up each layer of tissue on both sides to the center where the bottom will lay flat.

Just stick on top of a vase to achieve the blooming flower look or just line them up on the table all by themselves. 

For the pom pom:
Separate each layer of tissue paper to make a round pom pom. Fluff and play with it until it is the shape you like.

Tie ribbon to the center of the pom pom and HANG wherever you choose!
One more idea: 
Instead of the fluffy look you can also hang this cute pinwheel/flower! You could even glue a cute button in the center to make it look like an adorable daisy flower!
After you accordion fold the tissue and then tie the wire in the center pull out both sides to look like a fan and use double stick tape to stick all sides together! SOO EASY and adorable!
For smaller pom poms or flowers just cut the tissue into smaller pieces depending how big you want them. 
Let me know if you have any questions!! 

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