We have tried to take advantage of every second that its been pretty outside. It's been perfect weather today and I just watched the news and we are supposed to get SNOW on Saturday..... What in the world?! I am so ready for Spring to stay for good. On that note, here are some pictures of some different outside outings me and Sawyer bear have had this last week.

This is one of my new favorite pics of him.. Oh my I love those sweet cheeks!

Pretty boy
Love this pic too
Picnic time
Best friends! It was the first time they got to sit up together and play. Lyla and Sawyer sittin in a tree!
I think he might love swinging more than he loves me. Ha!
Taking a stroll... He seriously loves anything we do outside. Spring and Summer will make life so much sweeter!
Stella and Lyla swinging away. Love those two girls!