Sawyer is only 11 months old and I can already tell he gets SOOO spoiled when we go visit the grandparents. Both of his grandparents live in Little Rock so we try and see both sets when we are visiting. The older he gets the more I notice his attitude changes when we get home. Yesterday was seriously a different Sawyer; winy, vocal, discontent, and most of all not independent AT ALL! He gets attention every SECOND when we are in Little Rock and gets EVERYTHING he wants; I swear my mother in law feeds him all day long. Therefore I think my little bear goes through a little withdrawal when we get back to Fayetteville. Not that I don't spoil my first born.. Obviously I am obsessed and I think everyone knows he is one spoiled child, BUT he has been a little toot! DOES ANYONE ELSE DEAL WITH THIS?!

When Andrew got home last night I handed the boy off and regrouped for a new day. Thankfully, he has already been back to my normal Sawyer Bear.

Even though we go through a couple days of an attitude adjustment, I could not be more thankful and feel more blessed that he has two sets of grandparents who spoil him rotten! We love our Grandmama, Big Papa, Dae and Papa SOOOO MUCH!

Here's a couple pictures of my little toot yesterday!

I put him down and in two seconds flat he makes this big of a mess! 
My mom and I finally got him to do patty cake, patty cake and now he claps all the time.