There has been so much going on in the Henry household.  Good and Bad...

Last Tuesday Andrew sadly found out that he was being let go at his job in Fayetteville. The company is downsizing and is suffering in this economy (like the rest of the country) and Andrew was part of that downsize :(. It has been a rough week dealing with that and dealing with the sudden changes that come with this new reality. My husband is the hardest worker and the company of course had nothing but great things to say about him all the time. It is heartbreaking to see the person you love the most feel defeated and disappointed. He is an AMAZING man and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for his future. Even though its rough right now we are both confident that the Lord has an awesome plan for us and He will turn this into a good thing- He always does! So we would appreciate any prayers you could lift up for us. Prayers for job opportunities, clarity for Andrew, peace, and maybe even pray that our house would sell.

Secondly, we are taking Sawyer to the ENT on Friday for his Tube consultation. After finishing his 5th antibiotic in 7 weeks it looks like tubes might be our only option at this point. His right ear has not even budged in getting better. There is no more medicine to even try at this point so we are heading in this direction to find relief. At this point I am praying that it can all just happen fast so that my boy will get better fast. I am so sick of seeing him hurt. I'll keep you posted about what happens over the next few days with that.

As far as my health is concerned I am still waiting to see in the coming months if I will have to have surgery on my sinuses and deviated septum. My symptoms have been better so we are hoping that we can put that surgery off for a little bit.

I know, we are so pitiful!!! Seriously though, things could be SOO much worse. So many people are going through so many terrible things and we are so thankful for all the many blessings we see in our lives every day.

Other than these bigger things we are just hanging in there, trying to stay well, I have been well for almost a week straight now... Wow, Shocker huh?! We are still getting ready for my big man's First Birthday, which I am so excited about and getting ready for the busiest Spring and Summer wedding season. Lots of fun things are coming up in these coming months and we are so ready for some good weather, good health and maybe some good news!

We are in Little Rock right now so Andrew can meet with a few guys about a job. It's been so fun seeing family and getting to see some of our best friends. It is very refreshing to be here after our hard week last week. I will probably be more relaxed about posting over this week as we are traveling and getting caught up with life. Thanks for all your support and thank you to all my friends who have already given us so much encouragement and help over this past week. We love you all so much!