YAY!! for my new Cricut Expression machine! Andrew said I could get one for my birthday and I just now got it because I waited for the best deal on EBAY. I got it for less than 1/2 of what it's worth!! For those of you who don't know what this beautiful machine is.. It is a digital cutting machine. Basically it's any craft lovers dream machine! I can make cute banners, signs, labels, etc.. in a blink of an eye! I made that cute little flower in 10 minutes flat. I am so excited to get started on all of Sawyer's birthday banners.

BOO!! For Sawyer's chronic ear infection that WILL NOT go away! I see an ENT for my own problems and when I was there yesterday I had him check Sawyer's ears because he was on the last day of his antibiotics and I thought his ears were still hurting him. Sure enough they still looked bad. SO.. I took him back to the pediatrician today and basically we are doing one more round of aggressive antibiotics and shots. If this doesn't clear it up then we are getting tubes. I don't think my poor little guy has felt good in over 6 weeks so tubes sound pretty good at this point.

Boo! for getting shots! We had to wait at the doctor for 30 minutes after he got this shot to make sure he didn't have a reaction and right after this picture he fell fast asleep on me. Sweet little guy!