I thought these pics were too yummy not to share! In my opinion even yummier than Chicken Sketti :)

I also wanted to give ya'll a little update. We are going through with the tubes. We met with the ENT on Friday and we all agreed that it was the way we needed to go. Wednesday is the big day so if you think about it send up a prayer for little man and for mommy and daddy. Andrew and I are the biggest babies when it comes to this kind of stuff. We both keep telling one another, this is no big deal, ย but I know when it comes time to send him back with the doctor I'll probably lose it. I am excited to get this all over with and have Sawyer back to himself completely. What's funny though is I think he has been living with this ear ache for so long that he is actually sorta used to it. He is still my happy guy a lot of the time but it will be nice to get him off this constant medicine and be nice to not see him tug at his ears anymore. We are welcoming GOOD HEALTH in this household! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and we'll let you know how it goes.

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