Andrew went out of town on Thursday so Sawyer and I were planning on going to LR on Friday to see friends and hang out with family. So on Friday morning I rushed around like a mad woman trying to get everything cleaned, packed and do all the things you have to do before you leave town. I always try and leave before Sawyer's nap so he'll sleep the whole way there. I achieved my goal and got everything done and we left around 10:15. Sawyer finally fell asleep thirty minutes into the car ride and I was loving the peace and the chance to talk on the phone. BUT... About 15-20 minutes after he fell asleep my car literally stopped accelerating! I was on 540 going about 75 miles per hour when all the sudden my car started shaking and eventually went totally DEAD!!! I started FREAKING out! I was almost 45 minutes away from Fayetteville, Andrew was out of town, Sawyer had just fallen asleep and it was unseasonably warm. So I pulled over obviously and started making phone calls to try and find a way out of this. My friend Josh left work in Rogers and came to pick us up. We ended up having to wait about an hour in our hot car because I had made it almost completely down 540. I stripped Sawyer down to his onesie, pulled him out of his car seat and let him play around in our floor boards. Thankfully even though he didn't have a nap he had a ball getting to play in the car. And luckily I had water bottles and puffs on hand when the playing got old. Once Josh came we headed back to Fayetteville and got back in the car with our friend Michelle and headed to LR again. We were literally in the car for almost 7 hours on Friday.... UGGHH!! Sawyer was definitely ready to get out of his carseat by the time we got to LR. Thanks to amazing friends though we were safe and sound in no time. Now we are in LR with my in laws soaking up a relaxing weekend. My mother in law is such a huge help so I really feel like I get a breather when we are here.