I want to go ahead and apologize for the next few days because I can already tell you I am going to be way TOO busy to keep up with posting. And here is why,

First, I am throwing one of my best friend's bridal luncheons at my house on Saturday. I am so excited to share pics next week and I am so excited to share in this special day with Ashley. Here is the invitation so consider it your Sneak Peek since I don't want to share anything until the blushing bride sees all the details!
This doesn't capture how cute these are, but I got them at By Invitation Only in Little Rock, AR. More to come later!
Secondly, I am a bridesmaid in Ashley's wedding, so I am trying to gear up for all the fun festivities that are in the next few days. Have to go get my spray tan, get shoes, jewelry, all that fun girly stuff!
Third, Sawyer is sick AGAIN! I know shocker! But he has some yucky fever virus and is literally glued to my leg or my lap. In fact he is sitting here right now as I type this watching his movie. Poor Fella once again! 
And Lastly, in the little spare time I do have I am trying to gather up info and meet with people to start up a small event planning business. More on that later, But I am trying to get it all up and running in a couple of weeks. So be looking for a new fun website! I'll keep ya'll posted. If anyone out there has a good idea for a name for my company I would LOVE any ideas! 
So excuse my absence over the next few days, I don't have enough hands this week! Next week look forward to all the fun pics of the luncheon. Can't Wait!!