I have been researching for Sawyer's woodland themed birthday party for months now. I am the type of person who will get a vision of something in my head and then will do ANYTHING to find what I need to carry it out. I do most of my looking online since it is a little more difficult to cart around a 24 pound baby to go searching for randomness. Through my search for some random visions I had for this party I have adopted some new favorite craft websites. Many of you probably have used some of these, but if you haven't here are some affordable craft websites that are helpful for any occasion!

I knew I wanted to use a lot of grass around the woodland themed party and this website had a lot to choose from and everything was so cheap. Name it, this website has it!
Here is a little preview of one thing I did for the party using grass from this website.

The grass slabs were only 7$ from this website and I used it on top of a square glass vase I already had and then wrapped the vase with this cute wood scrapbook paper. Easy and cheap!

This website is a great scrap book supply and craft website. I found this cute tree on this website for 13$

It comes in a set where you get to put it together yourself. I used scrapbook paper for the background and then painted the branches and trunk. Such a fun find!

Better get back to work for the big birthday party, we still have SO much to do! Ya'll have a wonderful Thursday!

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