I thought it might be helpful to see where I got some of this stuff and how to do some of these projects. You save so much money when you do it yourself! And none of this was even hard to do.

For the mantle, Andrew and I used a regular chainsaw and cut the logs from dead trees that we had in our woods. For the tree I used several pieces of circular pieces of cut out paper and put it together to make the shape of a tree. I simply just glued it all together and then taped up on the wall. The snails were from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off. I placed the snails in slabs of grass that I got from www.saveoncrafts.com.
I used little miniature logs and had Andrew saw a slit in these for place card holders. Easy and a great rustic detail for any occasion. 

These are just more of the same logs that we chainsawed from our backyard woods. Minimal work for a dramatic detail. All I did was place these cream platters on top of the logs. To make them level and secure I used mounting tape until it looked somewhat level and secure. I thought it was fun for it to be a little lopsided. 

The labels were printed off from print shop on my own compuer and the green vine that it is glued on was cut out from my cricut machine.

Wood cake stand was simply a piece of wood that Andrew cut from the woods. I am in love with this rustic wood stand. I am definitely keeping this for something in the future.

OKay for those of you that don't know, I have NO artistic ability! I can not write or draw in a cohesive cute way, AT ALL! So... the cricut machine has saved my life. For this canvas I covered it with burlap fabric and staple gunned it to the back. I cut out the tree from scrapbook paper and simply just glued it to the center of the fabric. I cut out the letters from the cricut and glued them on as well. So easy!

I used pretzels for the tree trunk and then laid them on a cookie sheet. I got green colored melting chocolate from Hobby Lobby for the tree tops. I simply melted the chocolate by following the directions on the bag put it into an icing bag and iced the top of all the pretzels to make it look like tree tops.

 Smore kabobs were super easy and actually super delicious. Put the marshmallows on the end of wood skewers. Melt chocolate (I just used dark chocolate chips) in a double boiler, crunch the graham crackers in a separate bowl. After the chocolate is melted, dip the marshmallow skewer into the chocolate and then dip it directly into the graham cracker crumbs. Let it harden before serving.

The trees were super fun and easy to make. I got branches from my backyard, the pots are plastic $7.99 flower pots from Home Depot and then I used scrapbook paper, scapbook paper and more scapbook paper! I used styrofoam in the pots to stick the branches in then covered the styrofoam with moss. For the leaves I used the good ole cricut machine which made it super easy to cut out hundreds of leaves. I cut out the pictures in a circle and glued it onto the circular cut out scrapbook paper. After everything was cut out I just hung it all on the branches.

Hope ya'll find this helpful if you want to ever use these ideas. Let me know if there is anything else you are curious about from the party. 

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