So I know I haven't done many personal posts lately, we have been busier than ever! Things are so good though and we are so thankful for where the Lord has us right now.

First off we have the biggest PRAISE! ANDREW GOT A JOB!!!!! He got offered the position Friday and he was excited to accept and start working for CDI construction here in Fayetteville. He will be the adminstrator for a new technology building that currently being  constructed on the U of A campus. He is really excited about this new adventure. We go to Florida on Saturday and so he will officially start the job on the 17th. All we can say is God deserves the Glory and Praise! WOOHOOO!!!!

So proud of this man. He had the best attitude through these last two months and always made me feel secure and safe no matter how scared he might of been. Not to mention, he might be a better MR. MOM than I am. He has taken care of Sawyer SOOO much these last few months at home. Sawyer and I will miss seeing him every morning and throughout the days.
On another note, I am in the process of starting up a small event planning business. I can't wait to get the site up and running and show off my new awesome logo that was designed for KATIE GRACE DESIGNS! In the meantime I actually have my first paying client in which I am helping with a carnival themed baby shower. I am having so much fun making banners, food labels and letting my brain go crazy with ideas for this theme. I am not actually executing the shower I am just sending Melissa with all the goodies to make the shower a hit. Here is a sneak peek of some of the crafts I have been working on.
This is the food label I made for the occasion. I was trying to find some kind of place card holder that resembled a clown nose. I think these red pom poms did the trick!
The new baby on the way will be named Steven.. hince the "S". This is a door banner I made out of 1 yard of fabric and of course sewing glue (Since I still haven't learned how to sew). I think it turned out pretty darn cute!
I'll share more of the details when they are completed! Thanks Melissa for being so awesome to work with!
On a SAWYER note..... I could probably write like a million paragraphs about this guy right now! He is just SOOO much fun at this age. I seriously spend half my day laughing my head off at his personality that all the sudden is really coming out. He is still so sweet, giving hugs and kisses ALL the time, he plays extremely hard and is talking up a storm! Since his first birthday we have seen the strong will show it's pretty face a time or two. We have started the time outs in the crib already. HA! I doubt he really gets it but it's worth a try. We are still working on walking. He seems to be more interested in working on his perfected crawling skills (He is seriously the fastest crawler I've ever seen). For those who think he is HUGE, HE IS! My arms are extremely manly and now strong from holding him. But surprisingly when we had his 1 year check up two weeks ago, he was 75th perecentile for weight and 60th for height. I am starting to see how these toddlers stop gaining weight, sometimes he's too busy to even stop and eat.
Posing so perfectly in this picture!

This weekend we went to LR because my sister Jennie and her kids came to town.We hadn't seen them since Christmas and it was so fun to see them. It was ecspecially fun to see Sawyer interact with the cousins this time. He copied everything they did (Ecspecially my 11 year old nephew who is really cool), the girls still tried to treat him like one of their baby dolls even though he is almost bigger than both of them. Sawyer was one happy kid playing with those three.

They found a basket that they could push him around the entire house. He loved it!
Well I think that is all for now. Hope this wasn't too long winded for you. I tried to summarize as best I could. Stay tuned for more updates on the business!!