Love is officially in full Bloom here in Arkansas!  One of my dear friends is getting married in June and my mom hosted this fun "blooming" shower.  
My mom and I teamed up to come up with these details and I really think it came together beautifully. 

My mom did these amazing flower pots for the shower. They were perfect for the Love is in Bloom theme. The letters were stuck in with wooden skewers. Great job, Mama!
Party Favors were flower seeds that we purchased in the 1$ section at Target. The flower pot, gardening gloves and watering can were given to the beautiful bride. 

The gerbera daisies were placed in these small clear vases with little green rocks and then hung from the chandelier. I placed the cupcake stands on top of some grass mats that were wrapped in fun ribbon. In my opinion, grass makes everything more fresh and vibrant looking! 

Thanks to all the hostesses for all the hard work and love that went into this shower. I think the bride felt special and I pray that their love truly does continue to grow with each passing year. Love you, Leah!

Some of the items you might be interested in finding: 
1. cupcake stands and party favor flower seeds are from Target
2. grass mats are from
3. food labels and small banner were made with the cricut
4. centerpiece planters are from Home Depot.