The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of fun trips, fun family reunions, fun company and a whole lot of craziness! I actually am back to normal life as of TODAY after two weeks of all this busyness. I am feeling the consequences of putting Sawyer through two weeks of no routine and passing him around to grandmamas, babysitters and cousins. Literally within two weeks we have a little strong willed toddler on our hands. I'm still in culture shock with what to do with this new attitude he is showing off. 

Anyway, back to the fun stuff...

First we had Brooke and the kids come stay with us two weeks ago when Becca my niece was a flower girl in a wedding here for Heather Lawson. We had such a good time!

Cutest Flower girl I've ever seen! 
Seriously can her family get any cuter?! 
Then Brookie took Sawyer back to Little Rock to my mom where her and my mom kept all 4 babies for a few days while Andrew and I headed off to Mexico. Sawyer spent half the week with my fam and then half the week with Andrew's mom. 
I think she had a full car... :)
Then we headed off to Mexico!
More Pics to come!
And then we headed back to Little Rock where Andrew and I went to Leah Daniels' beautiful wedding and spent time with all of my sisters and their kids for a few days. If one of them is ever in town I will drop everything to see them. We had so much fun with the cousins and spending time with sisters never gets old. Here is a recap of some cousin time!
Playing at the water sprinkler pool at the LR Athletic Club. I think he could of stayed all day!
Conner and Will at the pool
Kate taking care of Sawyer. Such a sweet big cousin!
Pizza and ice cream with Dae and Papa. I wasn't here to witness this picture but obviously Sawyer liked this meal!
Sweetest baby I've ever been around. Doesn't require hardly anything! Sweet Jack :) 
(Looks like Sawyer to me, what do you think?)
Playing in Papa's office. Their favorite place to be, obviously. 
This picture is so funny to me b/c Becca has her hands over both the boys. It is truly impossible to get cute pics with all 4 of these kiddos together. 

The Crazy Boys! Love these two boys! 
So now we are back resuming life and trying to catch up. I am dealing with a fussy Sawyer who is having some behavior problems all of the sudden... sigh.... and he's having what we think is asthma... sigh louder! Anyway, we'll get back to the swing of things and hopefully Sawyer will start to act like himself again soon. 
Hope everyone has had a good week! Sorry for the never-ending post!