Next time you throw your next party or next time you want to maybe do a little face lift to an area in your home, why not get funky with some chandeliers. Look at these fabulous ideas that will surely inspire!

This is a chandelier that is made from reclaimed wood and recycled scraps of fabric. Ummm... LOVE THIS! (Apartment Therapy)
This is a chandelier that is made from an old book, cardstock and old pictures. So clever! (504 Main)
I love how Morgan pulled in an old lamp shade for the focal point of this homemade chandelier. (Pepper Design Blog)
How beautiful is this one? Can you believe that this entire chandelier is made from used coffee spoons thrown away at fast food restaurants?! So impressive! (Studio Verissimo)
I love the simplicity of this mason jar chandelier. (Casa Sugar)
Have a fabulous day!