If you have ever seen my house I definitely am a lover of NEUTRAL colors. But one thing I love to do is to have elements of color that POP out from the neutral palette. Whether it's the orange pillows I have on my sofa or the green graphic curtains hanging in my kitchen I love to bring in a little color to make a room POP! So even if you like to stick with neutral colors don't be afraid to bring in a little color. Here are some rooms that I think bring this to life.

I LOVE this yellow coffee table cart. It brings extra life to this neutral room. 
I think that colored accent walls bring a really cool dimension into a room. I will definitely be looking in to doing something like this in my next house. 
I LOVE this room and this china cabinet. Everything is neutral in this room but the color is brought in with these lime green dishes that are inside the cabinet. Perfect touch of color!
Here is a fun kitchen that is for the more bold color experts. I think they pulled off these green cabinets perfectly. Such a fun kitchen!
I like these cabinets with the pop of color inside. Who would of thought the inside of the cabinets would bring such dimension and life. Love it!
In my opinion we could all use a little more color in our life! 

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