Here are a few things that I put together for the Graduation party. First off, This could be customized for any college party or tailgate party. Just customize the colors to your college of choice and off you go!!

First, I made the tissue pom poms with two different tissue papers.  HERE is a past tutorial I did for making tissue pom poms.
Second, I bought these wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and painted them red.
Third, I placed them in my fish bowl vases and stuck the tissue pom poms on top.

This could be used for many different occasions just customize the letters and colors to fit your occasion.

PHOTO BOOTH: Megan wanted something different and fun for her party. She wanted more than just to eat lunch and leave. SO... I remembered this fun camera that one of my friends had on her wedding day. It's like an updated Polaroid camera.

 I had the idea to make a homemade photo booth and have the girls take funny pictures of each other and then put the Polaroid pics on a bulletin board to see the results. They actually LOVED it! Sometimes it's hit or miss with activities for teens and this time it was a HIT.

I made fabric sleeves to go over these glass vases and then used ribbon and pom poms as accents. Here is how I did it....

Since I have no sewing skills yet I am showing you a no sew fabric sleeve. You'll need fabric glue, scissors, fabric of your choice, glass vase of your choice, and in my case I used an already made small tissue pom pom.

All you do is measure the fabric to be even on all sides and wrap the vase where you want the fabric to hit. I really just wrapped it and used the fabric glue while it was on the vase. After it was secure on the vase I placed the pom pom with a push pin in the center of the vase. Does all that make since??

On the mantle were blank canvases that I wrapped with different red and white fabrics.

For this project you need a staple gun, fabric, canvas and then whatever you want to accent the canvas. On one of them I painted an "M" for Megan and then on two I used the pom poms again. All you do is wrap the fabric around the canvas and staple gun the fabric to the wood part on the back. Just pull it tight on all sides and staple away! It literally took me about 15 minutes to do all of those that I did for the mantle. An easy project that can make a room :)

These were the party favors. I found these mugs at Wal-Mart and put candy at the bottom, wrapped it with cellophane and then made these tags to finish them off. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Everything was super easy and reasonable so if your in a crafty mood, definitely give some of these fun crafts a try sometime!

Happy Friday, Ya'll have a fabulous weekend!!