We have had the most fun month with this little man! He seriously learns new things every day and is changing by the minute. Walking, Talking a lot more, Calling the Hogs, Shaking his head NO, Gives us countless hugs, He's started patting us on the back when he is hugging, so many precious things! We were away from Andrew for just three days and in those three days he went from barely walking to walking through the door and running with his arms up in the air to Andrew and then wrapping his arms around Andrew's neck. I wish I had it on camera because Andrew got so choked up in that moment. He could not believe how fast our little baby turned into a little boy.

 He has the most priceless personality and I just feel like I could not be more in love. I have probably said this sometime before but I truly wish I could put a brick on his head right now and stop time. This age is just so ridiculously cute and fun. He finds new ways to melt my heart daily and new ways to make me laugh even when I am stressed.

Here is a random assortment of pictures from the last three weeks.

Such a happy boy

Daddy showed Sawyer his first frog the other day. 
And being the BOY that he is, he was not afraid to check that thing out! Andrew made me bury my "eeww that's gross" comments during this moment. 
We went to the river for Memorial Weekend and he LOVED every minute of it. Not kidding when I say he sat in the water and threw rocks for over 2 hours. I think he could of stayed there all day.
My walking man! And check out his HUGE feet. I had to go get him fitted for shoes and he wears a 
5 1/2!
Anyway, I felt like I hadn't posted about Sawyer in a while so I wanted to give a little glimpse into our life wit him right now. He's growing up so fast! 
I want to hear from ya'll so if you have babies I would love to hear what exciting things they are doing right now! 
Happy Wednesday!