Well, God answered our prayers because he woke up this morning and seems so much better. His last breathing treatment was a few hours ago and his breathing sounds so much better and clearer. It seems so far that his asthma is finally breaking up. We are waiting to see a doctor to see if maybe, maybe, maybe we could even go home today. I am praying hard but not getting my hopes up.

Last night was good for the most part. Sawyer slept good if he was in my arms and so we both slept in the tiny hospital bed and I soaked up the feeling of his breathing chest next to mine. I was mainly wide awake because I was so filled with joy, love and thankfulness as I held him all night. I am so emotional this morning looking back at these last two days just thanking God for getting us through all this and for taking care of our boy. I can't even tell you how hard it is to watch your son go through everything we have watched him go through these last couple days so seeing him happy and breathing well this morning is just so exciting for us.

Anyway, just wanted to give a little update. Thanks again for all your prayers.. keep them coming!

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