If you don't read my Passys and Parties blog then you might not know that I have just returned from a week vacation in MEXICO! I know I posted last week but that was because I thought ahead and had everything scheduled out.

 My husband and I had a week away from the one year old and spent a dreamy week on the beautiful beaches of Mexico with some of our dearest friends. So.... in honor of Mexico I thought it would be the perfect time to do a Fiesta Inspired get together. So if you don't get to go to Mexico anytime soon then just get some friends together and have a low key fiesta night! 

  •  Enchilada and Margarita recipe visit my Passys and Parties blog HERE.
  • GUACAMOLE recipe go HERE
  • ULTIMATE Mexi Salad go HERE
Tissue Paper centerpieces: Fresh and Vintage Blog, Plates: Target, Food image: Real Simple, Banner: Etsy, Invitation: Sprinkles Invitations