Today is officially rest and cuddle day at the Henry Household! Thankfully Sawyer slept until 11:00 which at first worried me but now realize that his little body needs to catch up on SOOOO much sleep. He is being quite cuddly and clingy so far today so I am giving in an holding him as much as he wants me to. The love I feel for him after all of this is so indescribable I seriously just don't want to even let him out of my sight or put him down. So for today I'm taking a break from Yummy Monday and I am soaking up my cuddle time with my precious little guy. I think we both need each other extra big time today.

We did ALOT of this in the hospital so I got a little spoiledย 
So now we are doing a lot of this today at home.. Just what we both need today :)

Tune in this week sometime for a giveaway!!