I'm copying this post from my Passys and Parties blog because I think my followers over here need to definitely see this awesome site!
My aunt is an interior designer in Kansas and she showed me this awesome fabric website. It's an eco friendly company that lets people design their own fabric! How fun is that?! And if you have not the first clue on how to design your own fabric, you can buy other people's creations! If you are in the market for fabric they have so many choices and so many amazing designs! Read more about Spoonflower HERE and see their awesome market full of fabrics HERE.
Here are some of my favorite designs that I ran across.
Lime Slices



"Cathedral Blossoms" in brown
Barnacle Net - Aqua

Chicks, Multi - Spring Picnic

Yellow Birds

Sprout II
I could keep going but I think you all need to go check this awesomeness out! I see many future rooms and parties coming to life through this new resource!

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