Unique chalk boards and clever chalk ideas are popping up everywhere. There are a lot of products that would be fun to invest in or you could DO IT YOURSELF and get out the chalkboard Paint! Chalkboard paint is easy to find and very cheap to use for parties in your home or just pull it out for the kiddos. Here are some clever ideas and some fun products!

Martha Stewart is on to something... This is just black paper rolled out on the table and then they used chalk to make the named placed settings. So cute! Storing this idea away for sure. (Martha Stewart.com)

Find a fun spot in your home to use this idea! (lepastie blog)

These would be cute for any occasion! (Etsy)

How fun would these be for a your next party?! You can buy them or DIY! Buy these vasesΒ HERE

Chalkboard paint would be ideal in your kid's playroom. I might be definitely pulling off this trend in our next house. (Style-Files)

Chalkboard stickers! Oh My, I might go and buy these right now! These could be used for food labels, on vases, cups, etc.. (Etsy)

How cute would these be for name labels at your next dinner party? (Etsy)

These would be so unique for your next invitation for a wedding or any event. LOVE THESE!
Perfect idea for your next cocktail party

I know I am chalk inspired now, Hope you are too! If you want a good DIY tutorial one my friends just did a post on making chalkboard labeled cups. So cute and so easy!