I seriously can not believe that Sawyer is 15 months old. I can not believe that my little ankle crossed laid back baby boy is now a running, screaming, ham of a toddler boy. Even though these days have been a little harder in some areas the happiness and fun that fills our days make up for all the tantrums, screams and "toddler" moments.
Here is what Sawyer Lee is doing these days...

1. Still takes 2 naps a day (about to transition though). When he is not on steroids he usually takes 4 hours worth of naps a day! It is so nice but in the last few days he hasn't wanted to take his afternoon nap for as long so I am waiting to see but we might go to one nap pretty soon.

2. Eats anything and everything. Still can't think of one thing he doesn't like.

3. Talks all day long. He has been a funny little talker, he's babbled for a long time but just recently he is finally having some consistent recognizable words. He says, "Dae"( my mom), "dada", "mama", "Papa", "bye bye", "Hi", "juice", binkey is "disdis", "ball", "this", "ya" and a whole lot of babble and grunts!

4. He is obsessed with balls. If you see Sawyer he will most likely be holding a ball, throwing a ball or saying ball. He really has the best throw for a little boy. He can throw things clear across a room now and he can throw balls where we can actually easily catch them from pretty far away. When he throws something he always grunts as he is throwing. It is such a boy thing and I have NO IDEA where he learned it.

5. He knows 'no' very well now. He is actually very obedient so far. He knows that the computer, phones, remotes and everything on our coffee table is a "no touch" and even if we aren't in the room he usually doesn't go for them. A lot of times I come in and he is pointing at my computer, not touching it and shaking his head No. One thing he does not understand is "No Scream". I really wish he did when we are in Target and he starts screaming out of happiness at the top of his lungs. He has gotten so bad about screaming a lot which has been quite testing these days.

7. His health is so much better these last few days. Poor thing is so used to pokes, pricks, breathing treatments and medicine. He has to use an inhaler twice a day and he lays there with his little ankles crossed and let's us put his aerochamber mask on his face and he endures it like a champ.

8. He is super active and loves to play. He really has been a very contented baby from day one and is still usually contented to just play the live long day even if it's by himself.

9. He is such a little love. Whenever he enters into the room he usually has his huge smile on his face and runs with his arms up in the air to give out hugs. He is turning into quite the little personality and it is so fun to watch.

10. Still weighs around 25 pounds (last week he did could be more now after all those steroids), has 10 pearly whites, wears 18-24 month clothes, size 5 1/2 shoe and still size 4 diaper.

11. Loves his daddy so much! He cries usually when he leaves every morning and then when he gets home from work wants nothing to do with me but is glued to Andrew's leg or lap.

12. Just 2 weeks ago for the first time he cried when we dropped him off at church nursery. I knew it was bound to happen but they said he settled down pretty fast after we left.

Any one who hangs out with Sawyer falls in love just because his personality is so funny and endearing. I am so proud of him and so proud to be his mama. Even though this last month has been an adjustment, getting used to a running, active, strong willed toddler it has also been such a sweet time of growth. Yes, there are days that I want to pull my hair out. Yes, there are days that I hit my breaking point and cry. Yes, there are days that I tell Andrew I have to get out of the house and get a break. I am not a perfect mom and do not have a perfect child but I am learning so much about the importance of every second I have with this child. I am gaining perspective about how important my job as a mom really is and how much my attitude affects this little person. I really want to take advantage of this time I have with Sawyer at home and I am learning to be thankful for this time in our life. Sorry for my soap box I just have been learning a lot this month, especially since the hospital stay. I can't tell you how much I love this little man and how thankful I am for his sweet spirit in my life. Praise God for these precious children!

I say, "how much does mama love you?" and he put his hands up like this and says "this". 
Sportin it Tom Cruise Style
Can't keep up with this kid. He even opened a door the other day! Oh my!
1 of 100s of pictures with Sawyer holding a ball

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba
My good little eatin man

Happy 15 months Precious Sawyer, you are the joy and love of my life. Thanks for making me laugh hourly and for loving me so well!