5 years ago today, I got married to my jr. high, high school and college sweetheart! It has been the most joyful 5 years of my life and today I wanted to look back at one of the MOST beautiful days of my life... My wedding!
My talented mother had everything to do with how this wedding came together. I told her I wanted modern, bright, sleek and she pulled it off brilliantly. 
I wanted to get married in the church I grew up in but to be honest, I didn't like the room that was set up for weddings... The colors were terrible and there were tapestries everywhere. So... We draped the ENTIRE church with yards and yards of ivory fabric and built an arbor to add to the stage we were getting married on. It was a beautiful ceremony with dim lights and candlelight flickering all around us. 

The reception was not only beautiful but it was such a fun party. It has been 5 years and I still LOVE everything about this reception! Check out some of the details... 

The food was divine, thanks to Simply The Best Catering. 

Frappuccino Station
We invited all the kiddos, so we set up a kid's room. It was so adorable and of course thanks to mom it was color coordinated. They loved it!

Grooms cakes. We got a special cake stand made for these cheesecakes. It was delicious and I LOVED how it turned out. 

The best part of my day was officially becoming Mrs. Andrew Henry. It was a beautiful day and I feel so blessed that God brought us together. 
Hope you enjoyed a look into my past!