The "Martha Stewart"(my mom) of Little Rock Arkansas turned 60 years old last week. We were so honored to throw a surprise ladies luncheon with her closest friends to honor her incredible life.

My mom has incredible taste; She has a very specific taste. You go in her home and it feels so warm, inviting, beautiful and organic. She uses all neutrals and has pops of color here and there. Coral has always been one of her favorite colors when she decides to use color. This is where the inspiration comes from with this party. I wanted it to feel like my mom, I wanted it to feel organic and warm just like she makes every party and room in her house feel. I went with all neutral colors with pops of coral and moss. Grapevine was used throughout every table scape to create an organic ambiance.

We hosted the party at Best Impressions at the Arkansas Art Center. I worked closely with the amazing Martha Best who owns and operates this restaurant and also runs  Simply the Best Catering. She was fabulous to work with. I hadn't hosted an event at a restaurant before and thankfully they let me do whatever I wanted. The food turned out amazing and the party overall could not of been better.

Here is a recap of some of the details...

Invitation ordered from Zazzle
We did pomander carnation balls set on pillars with grapevine wrapping the coral flowers. The trees were the classic manzinita branches with individual coral carnations that I wired on to the branches. 

I purchased the candle pillars at the store "OOPS", here in Northwest Arkansas. The fabric was purchased from Calico Corners.

I got the boxwood balls from Save on Crafts, the flower pots were from Michael's for 99 cents and I painted them ivory. The name tags were made by me, using paper from Hobby Lobby and Michael's. 

This was the party favor for all the women. The bags were purchased from Hobby Lobby. Tags made by me. 

I made these menu cards and tied grapevine wire at the top. The lunch spread was amazing!
We snuck around for a few weeks to find old pictures of my mom. I wanted the pictures to represent the span of her life. We had pictures ranging from when she was a baby to now with her grandkids. It was a special touch that everyone enjoyed. I arranged the flowers and used grapevine to intertwine in the hydrangeas. The backdrop was made with the same fabric throughout the table scape and dessert table. 

Dessert table
I made the "C" using a styrofoam wreath that I cut in the shape of a "C" and then used moss to cover the styrofoam. The large grapevine ball was purhcased from Save on Crafts and I wired the "C" on to the top of that. 

I loved making these moss and bamboo cupcake toppers with burlap and grapevine cupcake wrappers. 
Peach trifles 

We sent out an email to all of my mom's contact list asking for them to send in letters to my mom if they had been impacted by her in some way. I looked through some of those letters and pulled out some of the common attributes that were used throughout all of these letters. I covered the plywood with burlap and then draped this grapevine garland over the backdrop. Along with the words that I designed, I used fabric flowers and moss to accent the grapevine. 

I made the fabric flowers that I hot glued on to the grapevine garland. 

Over 75 letters weren't sent in to my mom for this book. She has impacted so many lives as she has lived a life serving others. 

I also made these questionnaires to put out at everyone's place setting. We had the ladies fill out one of the questions and then we went around and answered. It was so funny and neat to hear what they had to say about being 60. It was great advice for my mom. 
The guest of honor coming in shocked at her surprise! I think we got her :)

All of the people that mean so much to my mom. Wouldn't of been the same without each and every one of you there. 

All the "Stowers" girls! Love you mom and thanks Brooke and Jennie for all your help. 
All in all it was a fabulous event! My mom deserved something so much more than this. She is truly a remarkable woman and it was such an honor to throw a party for her. 
Thank you to Ashley Carson Photography  for taking pictures!