This backdrop was one of my favorite parts of the Birthday Luncheon. It turned out so much better than I imagined and it was such a meaningful touch to the guest of honor. 
This idea could be used at weddings and could be used to hang table assignments, pictures, old notes from the bride and groom, etc... It is doable and affordable for anyone to make! 
I am working on a "how to" to show exactly how to make all the backdrops that I do, but for now I will just tell you without pictures. 
1. I purchased the cheapest plywood from Home Depot you can find. The one I got was approx 8$ and they cut it for me to be 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall. I purchased about 4 yards of burlap. After everything was purchased, all you need is a regular staple gun and you just staple the fabric on the back of the plywood. Super easy!
2. Next I bought grapevine garland from Hobby Lobby. It comes in packages and it is a finer grapevine so it's easy to work with. I just draped the garland across the backdrop and then used safety pins to attach the garland to the fabric. 
3. The fabric flowers come next... There are several ways to make fabric flowers as you know from other blogs, but I needed a no sew fabric flower and a fast and easy way to do these. So this is what I came up with.. 
This is what you will need: 
1. Scissors and measuring tape to cut your strips of fabric. 
2. Strips of fabric need to be cut approx 6 inches wide and about 14-18 inches. 
3. Safety pins
First, you'll take your strip of fabric and twist the fabric all the way to the end. 
After it's twisted you'll take the fabric and wrap one end in a small loop to be the center of the flower. 
You'll take the tightly looped piece of fabric and safety pin that to make it secure. This safety pin will be hidden after it is all said and done. 
Next you will take the twisted fabric and just wrap it around this center part until the entire strip of fabric is in a flower shape. 
This is where my version comes in.. Because I new that one side would be hidden I just used safety pins on one side to secure the entire flower. Depending on each flower I would use about 3-4 to make it secure. It's not pretty on this side but turn it over and you have... 
This Beauty! 
After all these (about 24) were made, I hot glued them to the grapevine along with the deer moss. Then just hung the words to complete the project. 
That's it!!