Thought you all would enjoy learning how to make these fun burlap cupcake wrappers. They were super easy to make and you could use any fabric you like to add extra flair to your cupcakes. 

First things first, download and print this cupcake wrapper template from Skip to my Lou Blog. (Cupcake Wrapper Download) . Print this and then cut out the outlines. 

This is what you'll need: hot glue gun, grapevine wire (or whatever ribbon you want to use), Fabric you want to use (for 25 cupcake wrappers I used about 1 yard of fabric, give or take), cut out templates. 

Sorry about the upcoming pictures. I had been crafting and painting all day by the time I took these pictures... Hence the painted hands.. 

Next you'll take the cupcake wrapper outlines and trace with a marker on your fabric. Then you will cut out the traced fabric

Next you will take your cupcake wrapper outline and glue the two edges together. You will then wrap the burlap fabric around the paper. 
Then you will hot glue the fabric to the paper. 
Last you wrap whatever you ribbon or tie you want to use around the wrapper. I used grapevine wire that I purchased from Save-On-Crafts to wrap around my wrappers. So easy and such a fun detail you can add to any occasion! 

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