Well, I thought I would stay true to some of the advice I received from the last giveaway. For those of you who care or who are interested I was going to tell you some of my top favorite places to shop over the next few weeks.

# 1, Practically speaking my top favorite right now would have to be the beloved FOREVER 21. Being married to a man who is a penny pincher I had to learn to take my fashion addiction to a new level when I got married. I had to learn how to be trendy without breaking the bank and this is where Forever 21 has come in handy. Some of my new recent finds are....

Got these shoes on sale for 7$. Really good find!
Dress or shirt
And remember this dress from the other day? I got this dress last week at Forever for only 24$! 
More next week on some other favs if you like this post! Do ya'll think this is stupid or do ya'll think this is helpful. Please give me some feedback. 
Happy Friday!!