My beautiful mother turned 60 years old yesterday! 

I have been sneaking around for over a month now because my sisters and I just pulled off a surprise visit and a surprise birthday party for my mom! We celebrated her birthday yesterday and it was a glorious day. I have been so busy pulling off this surprise luncheon but it was thrown without a hitch and it turned out so great. I can't wait to share pics and tell you more about it but for now I just want to brag about my incredible mother.

I truly feel like I have the best mom in the entire world. We did a project for her birthday and sent out an email to all of the contacts in her email. We asked people to bless my mom with a letter sharing how she had impacted their own life. It was so overwhelming to see the letters pour in to my sister's inbox. We recieved over 75 letters! She has impacted so many lives, especially ours. Throughout the letters one of the major themes was SERVICE. I have never known anyone else like this woman. She never says "no" to anyone, she never seems to lose energy and she never seems to run out of love. Carolyn Stowers is a true shining example of Christ and how He loves his church and she is an example of how Christ served while He was on earth. She goes over and beyond to make our lives easier and joyful. I could write a million posts about everything my mom has done for me and for other people over the span of her life. She is one special woman and I am so thankful that she is the example that is set before me. She is an amazing wife, friend, devoted mother and now she is an incredible grandmother ( I know Sawyer acts like he loves Dae more than he loves me). She is so good to all of us. Happy Birthday mom and thank you for showing us what it means to be a Godly woman.

For a sneak peak to the Birthday luncheon click here

My dad treated us to Ashley's at the Capital last night in celebration of Mom. This picture was taken in the lobby. 

The original 5! Love ya'll more than words.