OKay I have a fun idea! I would love to start showing off some fun baby nurseries! I think that decorating a nursery might be one of my favorite things. I was actually sort of sad when I completed Sawyer's because I had so much fun dreaming and executing his sweet room. In fact I still look at nurseries all the time in magazines and on blogs and have already started dreaming of what I'll do next time.
So.... if you are extra proud of your nursery then don't hesitate to email me pictures and maybe a couple times a month I'll showcase some cool rooms!

Without further ado I will showcase Sawyer's Nursery this first week. I'm pretty proud of it and after 15 months I still love being in this room. See what you think!

I ordered extra fabric and got the pendant custom made to match the room. It is one of my favorite things about the room. 

Tree is from Pier One and I spray painted  it ivory. It was a metal color and I wanted it to be more neutral.

The dresser is one that has been in our family for years and it was falling apart. We had it repainted and got new hardware for the drawers and cabinets. I absolutely love how it turned out!
These are the paintings that I had done by the amazing Marla Swindler. I had her write a verse throughout the vine and it says "Look at the birds free and unfettered in the care of God and you count far more." The Message version, Luke 12:24

Had to put his in here.. whoa Mama I was huge! That was literally three or four days before the little Sawyer came into the world. So weird to see me like that!

So gather your pics and forward them on if you are proud of your nursery! I know a few of you have some really cute ones so please send them my way :)

Happy Tuesday and don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!