There has been a lack of posts lately because for the past month I have been sneaking around trying to pull off a surprise luncheon in honor of my mom's 60th birthday! It was yesterday afternoon and we successfully surprised her! My 2 sisters and I tag teamed and pulled off a beautiful luncheon with all of her closest friends.

My mom has the natural gift of party planning and has thrown countless events, parties, and showers for so many people in our community. She has made so many people feel special with the thought and details she puts into parties she throws for people. She deserves so much more than this but my hope is that she felt special because of the details of the party. It was high time for her to be a recipient of a well thought out party!

I can't wait to share pictures. I am waiting for the professional pics but for now I will give you a little preview of some of the things I did.

These cupcake toppers were so fun to make. I used real moss and bamboo sticks! I think they turned out so cool. 
These are burlap cupcake sleeves I made for the cupcakes.
Stay tuned for more later! Can't wait to show ya'll!