Dressing up a chair doesn't always have to mean a tulle sash or a rented chair cover. There are so many fun ideas out there that are easy to pull off and can change the overall feeling of your party. Here are a few ideas that I did myself and then some fun web inspiration for those of you who like to go the extra mile. 
Burlap flower that I made. It is super easy and cheap. I'll do a "how to" post if you all like it! What do you think? 
These are actually aprons that I bought for party favors for a luncheon that I threw. Don't they make cute chair covers?! 
Preston Bailey does a post about how to make your own chair accents. This is one of his examples. 
Celebrations.com had these gorgeous chairs on their website! I am in love!
Paper flowers always add flair to the chair :) (haha.. Cheese fest) The Knot
This is a beautiful fresh flower sash that would definitely "wow" your guests. (The Knot)
I LOVE these chairs, How fun and cute! Definitely storing away this idea.... (The Knot)
Happy Monday!!