For those who have followed both of my blogs, sorry this is a repeat! I thought I would post about one of my favorite showers that I did this last February. I had posted it on my Passys and Parties blog but thought it needed to be featured on this new blog too. 
Coed showers are so much fun to plan but they are also tricky.. You want to come up with a fun theme that is not too cheesy for the boys but still fun and honoring to the new baby. I came up with this "B" theme because the new parent's last name was Bailey and they were having a Baby Boy so it was fitting that everything else started with  "B". So get ready for some major "B" overload!
The menu for the night consisted of: Beer, Burger sliders, Boiled shrimp, Bar-b-q shrimp, Berry salad, Buffalo wings, Broccoli Salad, Baked potato bites, Banana pudding, cake and wine. Yummo!

Need a way to save money on a shower? Do tissue pom pom centerpieces instead of fresh flowers, they are adorable and cheap!! 
After I though thought of this theme I had no idea how many B words that had to do with a Baby. So I printed off words like "Binky", "Bottle", "Boogers", "Booty", "Blocks", "Boy", "Boobs" (Ha! j/k about that one).. 
 All the "B' words were designed from Print shop and the "B is For" on the mantle were all bought from Hobby Lobby and painted by yours truly!  

"B" is for Books!
To go with the book theme we put a personalized book with Dyer's name on the cover for people to write a welcome message. It turned out to be such a sweet book! 
Daisy pomander balls made by me. 

Since the men attended this shower, of course these balls were taken out of the vases and thrown all over the house! Of course. 
One of the hostesses, Alexis Hurdle did the adorable and yummy cake! 
"B" is for Banana Pudding and Baby Spoons. I purchased Baby spoons from the Dollar Store and made labels for the spoons. We filled mini martini glasses with the banana pudding. 

Labels were designed and printed from the Print Shop program and the bottles are from I filled them with an orange candy from the Dollar Store and then cut a slit in the bottle nipple for the cards to stand up in. 
For a coed shower don't be afraid to serve beer, wine and other fun alcoholic drinks. Boys need it when they go to a baby shower.. ;)

 Party favors... B is for Bubblegum! Everyone got to take a scoop of bubblegum home in a cute monogrammed baggy. 
All the host and hostesses!! We had so much help and could not of pulled this awesome shower off without all of them. Thanks for all your help!
Since this shower was a while ago, Baby Dyer Bailey arrived safe and sound! He is an absolute doll and his parents are so amazing already. 
Such a fun party, it's fun to go back and remember these memories!
Chelsea thank you so much for the doing the amazing pictures!