My sister called me a couple of days ago and told me she needed my help. She is about to fly to Nashville to meet with a publisher (she's a writer.. obvoiusly). She told me that she wanted to come off looking professional but still young and hip... So what does she wear??!

 So I started thinking about it and looking around on some of my favorite websites. This is one outfit I've come up with so far. See what you think and we would love input if you have ideas for her, it's a big trip for her and I want the outfit to be perfect.

I think this blazer would be perfect. It has sophistication but still is trendy and so cute! Blazer is from
  J Crew
This shirt would be cute untucked underneath the blazer. It's still dressy enough but still also trendy. Shirt from Nordstrom.
I love these black pixie pants! I think these would pair perfectly with the blazer and shirt. Pants from 
J Crew
This outfit definitely needed a dramatic accessory that makes it young. I think this necklace would do the trick! Necklace from Anthropologie .
OKay, What do you think? Would it work? 

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