Rachel, who is from my hometown in Little Rock has out done herself again! She recently threw a lingerie shower for a good friend and she did the most amazing job. There are not many lingerie showers out there that are original and this one is definitely one for the books! Take a look at this cuteness!

Rachel found this dresser at a antique store and can you believe that her husband painted the zebra stripes?! They tackled the project together and it turned out AMAZING!
I love the colors she picked and the bras and underwear coming out of the drawers.. So creative!
They served alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and Rachel came up with these cute tags for the drinks. "Flannel Pajamas" for the non alcoholic drinks and "Strip and Go Naked" for the alcohol. LOVE IT!

I absolutely love her set up for the dessert table. Look at those mirrors... Β Anyone married? So funny!
So impressed Rachel. You have got talent girl! Definitely go on over to her BLOG and check out more of the details! Thanks Rachel for sharing your creativity!