Amanda and Andy are some of are very best friends from Little Rock. We have literally grown up with both of them and have lived life together, we love them SOOOO much. Anyway, so we have had it on the calendar for a Henry/Kella retreat for a while now and luckily they came in town early and we got to spend 5 days with this precious family.

Amanda and Andy have a baby boy named Jack. Jack is about 10 weeks older than Sawyer. The last year when they were together they seemed lightyears apart; Jack was early on everything and Sawyer was late on everything, so we always felt like they were so far apart in age. Well, NOT ANYMORE! They were crazy boys together all week and Amanda and I loved every minute. They really did grow to love each other over the week. They played great together and they were so excited to see each other after every nap and every morning. These two have no choice but to be best friends and so far they are on the right track! Here is a recap in pics of these two heart breakers!

This is right before they started crying because they were scared to ride together like this. Maybe next year they'll ride succesfully togehter on the four wheeler. 
Some MAJOR sprinkler fun!

Lyla Blagg with her two Hunks!
Two boys on a MISSION!

Sleepy T.V. time together 

After every nap Sawyer would make some noise to let us know that he was awake and Jack who was awake most of the time would literally RUN to Sawyer's door SO EXCITED. This is after one of Sawyer's naps when we put Jack in Sawyer's crib. 
Cute punkins in their matching pjs! (Very fitting for Sawyer since he has bug bites all over his body, including his head)
Love this lady so much! Amanda, I don't know what I would do without you and I love that we get to be mamas together,we get to watch our husbands continue to be the BEST of Friends (acting like two year olds when they are together) and now getting to watch our sons become best friends. So thankful for our fun week and weekend together and so thankful that we got to spend that time with you all. 

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