We are trying to make the most of these hot summer days.. We have had a few playdates lately that have been so much fun. Last week there were two days that the temperature was actually under 90 degrees so I met two of my friends (Mindy and Abra) and their babies(Tallis and Lyla) for lunch and play at Wilson's Park. We had the greatest time!

Checking each other out
Can you tell he loves the slide?

Tallis and Sawyer
Helping miss Lyla get down the slide :)

He looks like he's up to no good in this picture. Probably was up to something mischievous.Β 
One of my friends moved back to Fayetteville from being in Texas for the last few years. She has a little girl named Cilla who is only one month older than Sawyer. Sawyer was an absolute MESS this day but we still had fun! So glad to have her back and hang out with her more. Cilla is an absolute DOLL!

Sawyer trying to give Cilla kisses and she totally rejects him! Her Daddy would be proud :)
Rejected again! I am obsessed with this picture.Β 
Thankful for girls who are in the same phase of life, makes my days at home with Sawyer so much sweeter when we have something to do with fun friends.Β 
Ya'll have a great Tuesday!