Well, my hubs did it. He surprised me and got me good! For the last three weeks this is what he has told me about our anniversary. He told me that he only spent 67$ on what we were doing and on my present, that we were actually going to celebrate on Saturday and that Sawyer was going to go with us on our special day adventure. He also told me that he promised I would love what we were doing. umm.. Okay so we weren't going on a dinner date and Sawyer was going with us?? I was a little worried about what he was going to take me to do. But, on Friday he revealed his ACTUAL PLAN.

We were having dinner at our best friend's house Aubrey and Josh with Sawyer and after dinner he handed me this...

He always has a funny way of revealing his plans or surprises, obviously he thought this one out! Ha!

Thanks to our dear friends Aubrey and Josh, we got to have a weekend away in good ole Branson, MO. We stayed at Chateau on the lake, ate a fabulous dinner, got a couples massage, laid by the pool and got TONS of sleep. It was fantastic and such a FUN surprise!

We also got to see some of my family at Kanakuk because Conner and Kate were finishing up their terms at K-1. We got to see their award ceremony and I was so proud of Conner for winning the highest award at the kamp.. Honor Camper. After going to kamp we went and ate with the fam before heading to our hotel. It was such a fun surprise to be able to see them.

I am so thankful for Andrew for still trying to romance me after 5 years of marriage and still after 11 years of being with each other. It was such a great anniversary and I am so glad we got to spend a full uninterrupted 24 hours with one another. So REFRESHING!

I forgot the camera in my mad dash to pack so that is why these are the only pictures! So sad, I know!

And Sawyer bear of course had a fabulous weekend with Aunt Barbie and Uncle Josh. They said he was great and I think Sawyer spent the entire weekend being spoiled rotten.

That's all for now, I am taking a break from Yummy Monday today. I am trying some new recipes this week so stay tuned for upcoming yumminess! Happy Monday to you all!