We just got back from the Mary Lee Houseboat with Andrew's family. We go every summer and usually go more than once but sadly this summer this was the only trip we could all make. We have been looking forward to it all summer! We had so much fun hanging out with the family and catching up. Sawyer had SOOO much fun, he was a delight all weekend and the trip was surprisingly easy with a 16 month old on a houseboat for two days (Thank goodness b/c I was worried). Here is a recap of our weekend.

Getting our sunglasses ready and packing up for a weekend of sunshine :)
This is The "Mary Lee" not so bad right?! We love it!
Sumo lifejacket.. :)
He loved laying with mama in the raft. We soaked up some rays together. (And of course threw rocks into the water, we do have a boy on our hands )
Reading time with Grandmama
Cousin Will showing off his fish he caught, Sawyer was intrigued!
He could ride on a boat all day long.. loves it!
A little beach time with daddy. 
Heaven... Relaxing with my baby! 
Snuggling with Aunt Sarah :)
Family time
Time to GO... :( Daddy giving Sawyer the Royal treatment and carrying him on the cooler. (It didn't last long)
My mother in law made a simple dish this weekend that I have been craving ever since! 

Sesame Asparagus
- bundle of Asparagus
- 4 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Generous amount of sesame Seeds
- Salt and Pepper to taste
- cut the ends of the Asparagus off and spread out on a baking sheet. 
- sprinkle olive oil all over evenly
- sprinkle the seseame seeds evenly over all the asparagus and then add salt and pepper
- bake at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. 
ENJOY this fresh and healthy side dish!