Friday Sawyer came down with a little cold.. No big deal (I thought). He wasn't even acting sick and just had a runny nose, until Saturday when I noticed that I heard a wheeze in his chest again. As the day went on it got worse and worse. We ended being up with him all night long doing breathing treatments almost every hour to avoid the E.R. until Sunday morning when we took him straight to a walk in clinic off Wedington. By the time we got there he was vomiting from the lack of oxygen and was really struggling to breath. His oxygen level was at 79 (they like for it to be above 96) and he was so sick. I once again felt so helpless for my child. Thankfully they were quick to help us, they sent us straight back and gave him steroid shots, breathing treatments and even hooked him up to some oxygen. We waited around the clinic to make sure he didn't need to be admitted to the hospital and thankfully his oxygen level went back up so we were sent home. 

So here we are once again dealing with Asthma. He is on another round of steroids, doing breathing treatments every 2 hours and totally not himself. His breathing is a lot better today but because of all the steroids he has not slept in three nights, won't take naps and is literally a different child. It is so sad to watch him b/c his little body is so worn out but the steroids just wont let wind down. And to say he is moody is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

We went back to the doctor today and she said that no matter what Sawyer needs to use his inhaler twice a day for the next 2 years. So...  that is our plan. We are going to stay on top of it as best we can and pray that this isn't a common experience. Asthma is no fun but we are thankful that he is getting better and that overall we are blessed with a healthy child. 

Anyway, just thought I would give a quick update! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!