I guess you can call it tutorial week here on KGD. Here is the tutorial for the Pinecone Chandeliers! They were super easy and I think they make such a dramatic statement. Try this one out too for your fall events!


14” grapevine wreath
Ribbon of choice for hanging
Brown hemp string
Glue gun
Different size pinecones (I purchased about 10 bags with about 5 pinecones at the dollar store for each chandelier)
Grapevine wire
Orange silk mums
What to do:
1.     1. Cut two long strips of ribbon that you choose to hang the chandelier from. I cut my ribbon longer so that I could adjust the height (about 2 feet each).
2.     2. Tie ribbon around each side of the wreath crossing the two pieces of ribbon.

3.     3. To make pinecone garland for hanging you will first cut strips of the brown hemp ribbon (about 2 feet give or take) I didn’t want them to be all the same size so I would do different sizes of the hemp.

4.     4. Take the hemp and tie around the end of one pinecone, tie a secure knot.
5.     Then wrap the same hemp around each pinecone and use the glue gun to secure the placement of your hemp. I would use about 4-7 pinecones for each strand of garland.

6.     5. After the garland is secure you will tie one end of the pinecone garland to the bottom of the grapevine wreath.

7.     6. For the orange mum garland, I used grapevine wire cut about 12 inches long and used the orange flowers that were taken off of their stems. I then used a glue gun to secure the back of the mums onto the grapevine wire making it into one long strand.  (used about 6-7 mums per strand)

8.     7. Feed the end of the wire grapevine onto the bottom of the wreath and place them in between every few strands of pinecones.

9.    8.  Hang the chandelier and adjust the placement of all of the hanging garlands and VOILA you will have a beautiful fall chandelier for your home or for your next event.