Thanks for all your votes and support during the Fall Celebration Challenge! I found out yesterday that my celebration actually WON!! I am so honored and excited because I competed with so many talented women. 
Since the competition is over, I can now share with you all the photos from my fall celebration. 
I wanted this celebration to capture everything I love about Fall; Rusticity, warm colors, comforting flavors, earthy components, etc.. 
I wrapped all the hay bales with festive orange polkadot fabric and stacked two hay bales to make  the cupcake stand. The pinecone chandeliers were the DIY project that I chose to create for this celebration and I will be sharing the tutorial with pictures tomorrow. The desserts for this celebration included, pumpkin trifle, pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes, cinnamon popcorn balls and miniature pumpkin pies.
The pumpkins that I used for food labels I purchased from T.J.Maxx and were in the Seasonal Section. I cut a slit in the pumpkin stem to make them label holders. 

The recipe I used for these miniature pumpkin pies came from the amazing Bakerella
I cut out two pumpkin shape crusts and molded them together to make the crust shape. I LOVED the way these cuties turned out!
Cinnamon popcorn balls that is of course cuter on a stick! Isn't everything cuter on a stick?! I made up this recipe for the most part and they turned out really yummy and looked really cute until I looked over and they were falling apart. I have to fiddle with this recipe before I share it. But at least we captured a photo!
The cupcake toppers were made by taking small pinecones and spray painting them orange and gluing them onto different grapevine sticks. I really was going for a rustic cupcake topper and I think these definitely achieved that look. 
Burlap Banner 
Fresh orange daisies arranged with hay, pinecones, moss placed in my fun container found at a flea market. 
orange wine stand was a recent 5$ flea market find!
"Falling Tea Leaf" Bar. My favorite part of the party!
What better way to celebrate fall than to sit outside and drink hot tea?! I designed a tree with natural colored Manzanita branches. I got several different flavors of tea and took the individual tea bags and wrapped them with orange burlap. Each tea bag was labeled with the flavor in the bag and then they hung throughout the tree.  I set out two carafes with hot water and then set out spices and milk for people to spice up their tea. The cups were cream colored styrofoam coffee cups that I made orange burlap sleeves to add some detail. The chalkboard was stuck in the hay bale to describe to the guests of what to do. I had friends over for this and I have to say both the guys and girls LOVED it! I actually overheard three guys debating on which flavored tea was better. :)  
That's it! Now you have seen everything and stay tuned for the pinecone chandelier tutorial! 
A BIG THANK YOU to the amazing Kristen Hartness with Kristen J. Portraiture for capturing the details with her incredible photography. 
And a BIG Thank you to Vicky with City Cradle Designs for asking me to take part in this fun challenge! 
Other Resources: 
- Hay bales, pumpkins on dessert table, mason jars purchased at Hobby Lobby
- Michael Miller orange flower fabric behind tea table from HbFabrics on Etsy. (
- Brown tablecloths (actually they are bed coverlets) from Urban Outfitters
- Mini pumpkins that I used for food label holders from T.J. Maxx