I just love this party! Stephanie threw one amazing party for her daughter's first birthday. So many cute details!

Look at this adorable candy bar!!! LOVE IT!!
This cupcake stand was such a creative fun touch! 

Stephanie said... "The sandwich bags were my favorite.  I'm a big believer in food that does not require people to walk around with plates and utensils.  We did an assortment of grilled cheese paninis which are SO quick to whip up and a real cost saver!  Who doesn't love grilled cheese?  The selections were: Raspberry mozzerella with brown sugar crust, regular grilled cheese on white bread and a smoked cheddar with green chilis." 
Can you say YUUUMMM??!!
I love these party favors! In each of the gift bags for boys contained a conductors hat, bandana, train whistle and train pop.  The girls had tiaras, pink bandanas, candy bracelets and each kid got a flower to wave at neighbors upon boarding the train. I love how the party favors formed it's own choo choo train. So clever!
Train ticket booth. Impressively made by her husband. She said that this will retire to be a lemonade stand in the future. 
All the guests got to have their very own train ride around the neighborhood.

Thanks so much for letting me share Stephanie! 

Incredible Job!