Andrew and I dropped Sawyer bear off with my parents on Friday night. I drove back to Fayetteville to enjoy a quiet house and get ready for two big events I have this week. I can't even tell you how much fun we've had.... Obviously we are missing him like crazy but we are also trying to soak up some alone time and enjoy the freedom we have. I seriously forgot what life was like without a toddler chasing me around; Just the little things like sleeping in, taking showers whenever I feel like it, eating  a snack without a 17 month old begging me for a bite, having a house that actually stays remotely clean, coming and going as I please... But even though I am enjoying this little break I am absolutely aching to see my boy again.

Our first day at home Andrew had a surprise day-trip planned. He heard about this national park in Boxley, AR called Lost Valley. He packed a backpack without me seeing and then we had about an hour 1/2 drive.  The first stop we came to was about ten minutes from the Lost Valley Park where we actually saw Elk in this huge field right off the main road. I seriously had no idea we had Elk in Arkansas! But sure enough we do right here in the Ozarks :)

After we were amazed by that we headed to the park. It was by far one of the prettiest hikes I have ever done. It was completely shaded the entire way because the trees were so thick and every few yards we'd stop to admire the most beautiful waterfalls. Some were small and some were big. If you follow the trail all the way to the end it takes you to Eden Falls Cave where we actually got to go caving. It was perfect for me because it was a short little caving experience and it took us back to this open chamber that was completely dark (obviously), about 40 degrees and when we shined our head lamps you look up to see a 30 foot waterfall inside the cave. It was gorgeous! Besides the bats that flew right by my head and the one time that I had to crawl to get through a tight spot, I loved the experience.

 After we hiked for about two hours and caved we went back to this spot that Andrew wanted to sit and hang out. He packed a bottle of wine and snacks and we set right next to a waterfall and spent time just relaxing and watching Emma play in the water. By far one of my favorite days that I have had with my husband. We really had the best time.

cutie pa tooties
In the cave and yes friends that is a head lamp. I felt so outdoorsy :)
This is coming back out of the cave when you actually see daylight. 
humidity when we came back out of the cold cave fogged up my lens but I thought this looked so cool. 
After caving when we are all muddy, Love this pic though. 
Wine and chex mix... yummmm 

Emma fetched things in the water the whole 2 hours we sat by this waterfall. We swear she could be a hunting dog. 

Self timer kiss :)
So thankful for a husband that always thinks outside of the box and tries to make our marriage more fun. This trip was definitely one that I hope we can do again soon. If you live near or in NWA you should most definitely go to Lost Valley. 
Happy Tuesday!