I seriously can not believe that Sawyer is 18 months!   I also can't believe how much fun we are having with this fella. He literally gets more and more fun every day. Here is what's going on with our boy...(Warning this is long, I haven't done a Sawyer update in months)
- LOVES, LOVES, LOVES throwing balls, catching balls,  talking about balls. I think he even dreams about balls; sometimes we take naps with each other and he will literally say "ball" in his deep sleep. All of his teachers and all of my friends have already coined him as a future quarterback b/c of how good he is. He can throw a ball clear across our living room and aim it right to us. He can also catch a lot of our throws. Very impressive. 
- The only other toys he really likes besides balls and being outside would be his books and buckley boo (A teddy bear with buckles).. Simple man!
- He spends all of our car rides saying either "tractor" since there is construction everywhere in Fayetteville, "Bike" at all the motorcycles and scooters or he is mooing at all of the cows. 
- He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba and still has a love for Praise Baby.
- He is such a happy boy. There was a month or two where he was starting to throw fits and seemed discontent but for the past 5-6 weeks he is happy most of the day and is so easy to please. He responds to "no"  incredibly well lately. Let's cross our fingers that this lasts... 
- He is also is SOOOO energetic! He goes, goes and goes until he is too tired to function and then he asks to go "night, night". 
- He still loves to cuddle during movie time and sleepy time
- Sawyer has become quite shy. Hides behind my leg when we are in new places and around new people. Cries when I drop him off you know that whole drama. But.. As soon as I am out of the picture he warms up to whoever. Thank goodness. MDO teachers says that he gets over it pretty fast after I leave. 
- He still has two naps except for his MDO days. For the most part he sleeps two hours each nap. At night he goes to bed around 8:00 and unfortunately gets up around 6:30-7:00. He has learned when Andrew leaves for work so he wakes up to see him. 
- He has started talking a ton! He has been very conservative in his words but he has a much wider vocabulary these days and it makes me so proud :)
-Has 14 teethers and two on their way in. Ouch!
- I feel so loved by this guy. He loves giving hugs.  I will have my back to him at the kitchen counter and there have been so many times that he will run over and hug my leg as hard as he can, it melts my heart every time. 
- Still loves food but definitely has become less interested. He eats about half of what he used to but still isn't to picky. We take him out to eat at least once or twice a week and we have learned that he is perfectly content sitting in his high chair the whole time if he has something to dip his food in; he takes whatever he is eating and delicately dips whatever it is twice and then eats it, just like we do. It's so cute.
- Stats: Weight: 27.3 pounds(68th percentile), Height: 31.5 inches (25th percentile)
  12-18 month clothes that I pulled out from last winter, and he wears 18-24 month clothes that seem a little big right now. 
Favorite book. "first 100 words". We can ask him "where's the tractor or where's the truck", so on and so on and he can point to almost everything in the book now.
snuggle bug
A lot of mornings he wakes up early (6ish) and I put him in bed with us and he falls back to sleep all cuddled up. I love that time with him :)
LOVES his blankies! He pulls them out of his crib all the time and takes them to me to snuggle up with them. 
This is buckly boo. Every toddler needs one of these guys, he entertains for hours. 
Can't put him down anymore without shorts or pants on b/c I will find him like this when I get him up from his nap. Ha! 
This is what he looks like 80% of his days. Two footballs in hand. 

Eating like a big boy with a spoon. We are still a little messy (to say the least). 
Happy 18 months precious boy! Sawyer we are so proud of you! Your dear personality has captured our hearts and we could not be more in love. You have made my life so joyful and fulfilled. We praise God for you and we love you so much!

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